Work Jemez Pueblo Sustainable Housing

Jemez Pueblo Sustainable Housing
Jemez Community Development Corp.
Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico
20 Single Family Affordable Homes
Under Construction

How can housing construction support a cultural way of life?

The Jemez Community Development Corporation, Jemez Housing Department, Nativesun, Functional Earth and Pyatt Studio are working together to develop a sustainable self-help housing construction pilot program for the Pueblo of Jemez.  This project will give tribal members and their families access to healthy, safe and affordable housing.

By combining modern compressed earth block manufacturing technologies with traditional earth (adobe) construction methods, the integrity of the community’s architectural identity is maintained while addressing a critical community need for housing within the Pueblo.

Additionally this project seeks to explore the role CEB manufacturing, housing construction, and workforce development can play in supporting reservation economies and cultural life-ways.