Work Thunder Valley Climate Change Resilient Housing

Thunder Valley Climate Change Resilient Housing
Thunder Valley Community Development Corp.
Porcupine, South Dakota
21 Single Family Affordable Homes
Under Construction

How can opportunities for home ownerhsip create a pathway out of poverty?

Pyatt Studio was contracted to design a total of 21 units of single family affordable housing for Phase 1 of the Thunder Valley Regenerative Community.

Referencing the sacred geometry of the teepee circles that the Lakota ancestors traditionally lived in, the site plan for the homes incorporates a small group of 7 homes arranged around a circle of shared space to create a “pocket neighborhood.”  Each of the 3 pocket neighborhoods include east entries, community gardens, playground spaces, integrated storm-water systems, and access to community buildings for ceremonies and family gatherings.

The homes are designed to maximize their passive & active solar access, connect to the common area through east entries and exterior porches, and allow for expansion through pre-planned wheelchair accessible bedroom additions.

In order to achieve affordability, the homes were designed to be built through a sweat equity and training model that will result in between 15-30% cost savings for low income Native American families living in the development. The development will also provide market rate options that are affordable to moderate income families.